Welcome to "Mumbai Balaji Swarna Mandir", a complete spiritual journey of blessings. This house of worship is established and managed by Shree Balaji Spiritual Foundation [A registered Charitable Public Trust].

In the entire universe, there is no deity ever been comparable to Shree Balalji. A temple (Devalaya) is a link between man and god which is the destiny where God dwells on earth to bless mankind. The most worshipped deity of kalyuga is Lord Venkateshwara. Crores of people travel to Tirupati for taking the grace of Shree Balaji. Hence, to make such Lord's blessings available in Mumbai, Shree Balaji Foundation has taken up this massive leap in creating history.

The sole motive of establishing ‘Balaji Spiritual Foundation’ is to offer you with the esteemed immense blessings of Shree Balaji in Mumbai.

It is said in Purana`s, if you take darshan in a temple which is built with uncompromised Shilpa Shashtra, Agama Shashtra and Vastu Shashtra, all your wishes will get full filled. “Shree Balaji Swarna Mandir” at Manor is as per TIRUPATI TEMPLE, which will be of pure Stone and coated with GOLD.

This is going to be a world ICON “ Mumbai Balaji Swarna Mandir “.

To be a world-class beacon of rich Indian heritage for generations to pass on, the celebration of Hinduism in a true traditional manner.

It would give a glimpse of the great culture and heritage we have and provide with the opportunity to satisfy the religious, spiritual and cultural needs of self in harmony with our pious soul.

It is a historical incident of an ordinary man who turned extra-ordinary with the enlightment he received from the GOD. He is Shri. Gurunath Mandala, who is instrumental in the creation of Shree Balaji Temple at Charkop and could dream of something which is as gigantic as Mumbai Balaji Swarna Mandir is.
It is a story of endless faith, unquestionable trust in God, God’s divine blessings and his omni-presence which would be remembered for the ages to come in the form of unparalleled architectural marvel and beauty.
As per the Shashtras, Uttar and Dakshin Temples are the most divine and the miracle generating hub. We have our Charkop temple i.e in Kandivali (W), which signifies our presence in Dakshin making it the first-choice of devotees for getting their life-long wishes fulfilled. Now, with firm and steady steps we are creating an unseen, unforgettable, life-changing experience called Mumbai Balaji Swarna Mandir in Uttar i.e Manor/Palghar.
The richest God has himself determined his home in the bed of the riches i.e at N.H.No.8, Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway which is considered to be the richest route in Mumbai as it is the main vein to promote business in the western India and makes it a prosperous business hub. God of Kaliyug, Shree Balaji would be spreading his riches to the locality, devotees and to anyone who comes to his door steps of sprawling 243 acres premises.
The area of the upcoming massive temple of 43 acres is precisely in the shape of “PANCHAJANYA SHANKH” which is considered to be Lord Vishnu’s very own and loveable Shankh. When we take an aerial view, the area looks like TIRUNAMAM (with 100 acres hills in the either side with 43 acres in the center).
No Temple is said to be complete without the pious water-bed; this too is pre-existing in the form of Vaitarna river which is a look-alike of HANUMAN FACE.
In whichever way we see it…proves divine choice for his presence. We all humans are blessed to witness this historic moment and experience the enchanting cosmic blessing from Our Devine SHREE BALAJI that too just few miles away.
Feel best as now Shree Balaji Temple is at your rest; wherein every Poornima, Saturday or any day’s darshan can bring you closer to Shree Balaji’s HEART.

Welcome to 'Shree Balaji Temple'

cosmic science

Even though the whole universe is the body of the Lord, the energy is not equal in every part of the universe, just as in the human body, there are particular power spots along the spinal column that act as storehouses of spiritual energy. As per Vedas, Hindu Temple is a miniature cosmos. It is the house of God. Temple represents the earthly world, the heavenly world and the astral world. Temple is a cradle of knowledge and reality and empowers the devotee by resolving all his delusions. This is the place where devotees realises the truth and gets transformed. The purpose of life is to overcome Maya or Mithya, an illusion experience by our limited perception and to emancipate from the forms of the world to experience the eternal. The cosmic square of the temple will be bedded with precious jewels and cosmo magnetic yantras. Every day chaturvedas will be recited 3 times along with the trikala pujas by the proficient and well learned veda pundits so that a Cosmic divine magnetic energies with a dynamic repository of spiritual power baths all the devotees who shall take the Lord Venkateshwara Darshan. Sacred cosmo-magnetic geometric designs which is fundamental in temples, charge the environment, and help the devotee to get mastery over mind. The subtle and profound psycho- biophysical connections between man and cosmos get invigorated and channelizes the vibrations of various chakras and empowers the devotee with super consciousness. The Grace of God, if it is earnestly sought and found, can afford knowledge to the dunce, wealth to the poor, strength to the weak and what not !


Sri Balaji Spiritual Conciousness Centre is a bedrock of time-tested spiritual system and practices the invoke spirital consciousness through spiritual holidaying . Sri Mumbai Balaji Swarna Mandir has an elaborate plan to include various amenities to accommodate devotees with love and care.


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This project plays a role in making you a great instrument for Lord Sri Balaji. You will be part of a project that will be remembered for thousand of years. With the blessings of Lord Shree Balaji and the support of thousands of existing devotees, Shree Balaji Foundation is taking a gaint leap to construct the Mumbai Swarna Mandir so that all religious practices are observed every day without any compromise. A chance to be part of this is like God's blessing, reserved for the blessed few. All privileged devotees who are able and willing to extend their whole-hearted support once in their lifetime to the construction of the Balaji Swarna Mandir shall have made a contribution comparable to the rarest of gems.

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Shree Balaji Spiritual Consciousness Centre , Manor , Palghar , Maharashtra - 401403