Significance of Mumbai Shree Balaji Swarna Mandir

As per Vedas, Hindu Temple is a miniature cosmos. It is the house of God. Temple represents the earthly world, the heavenly world and the astral world. Temple is a cradle of knowledge and reality and empowers the devotee by resolving all his delusions. This is the place where devotees realizes the truth and gets transformed.

To create a spiritual power spots, the entire temple area will be charged with divine magnetism in the form of powerful cosmic bed. The entire area is divided into various cosmic squares, wherein deep in the earth, square plates of 1 feet, carved with geometric designs of Lord Vekateshwara PadaPadmam will be laid as a cosmic bed so that the entire temple structure can be constructed on it. To create a confluence of cosmic and magnetic energies,¬†¬† yantras made of various metals will also be placed deep in the earth’s bed along with the 1 square feet sized plates.

The cosmic square of the temple will be bedded with precious jewels and cosmo magnetic yantras. Every day chaturvedas will be recited 3 times along with the trikala pujas by the proficient and well learned veda pundits so that a Cosmic divine magnetic energies  with a dynamic repository of spiritual power baths all the devotees who shall take the Lord Venkateshwara Darshan.

The Exact area of the 2.5 acre land where the Raja Gopuram----- including compound wall of the temple , the first layer of stones to be placed below 25 feet which is known as Padapadma Samudai ( 1 Lakh Stones. ) .

Each Stone would be of 1 sq feet and will have your name on the front side and the LOTUS FEET of lord Shree Balaji on the other side which will be placed as per your desired number and corners in the PADAPADMA SAMUDAI 25 feet below the surface of the exact temple. This divine Stone when you select, a pooja will be done on your named stone in the Shree Balaji Charkop mandir infront of the Idol. Where if the devotee can attend they have to carry it on their head and take one round in Shree Balaji Charkop Mandir and the entire pooja would be done infront of the devotee.

Then it would be taken to MANOR/ Palghar, and be placed in the PADAPADMAM SAMUDAI infront of you.

This PADAPADMAM would be immortalized for generations to come in your name.


  1. Select the direction of the stone which you wanted from pic 2
  2. Register your name and the name you wanted to be carved in the stone which can be previewed
  3. Proceed for contribution for the stone
  4. A success page will be redirected once the process is successful.
  5. Our temple authorities will call you for your availability for the pooja to be done in the Balaji Mandir Charkop